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Eurobitume Digital-First Responsive Annual Review

A digital annual review delivered on a Responsive and fully independent web platform. Developed for mobile access and easy implementation.

To make their annual review more accessible and engaging. Eurobitume were looking for a digital-first solution that would work across multiple platforms. And with a limited timeline and budget our challenge required a combination of strategy, technical know-how and planning to deliver on everything.

Dark Grey Europe - Eurobitume


European product launch campaign for three B2B brands

Axalta Refinish developed a new clearcoat product to be sold through their three premium refinish paint brands. A restricted budget but high production values, the creative and production required intricate execution.

With Cromax, Spies Hecker and Standox each having a brand-loyal customer base, the launch of a new product line meant a three-pronged approach. Launching the new clearcoat involved tailoring the messaging, imagery and marketing to match the distinct needs of its three major brands’ audiences.

Dark Grey Europe - Axalta
Dark Grey Europe - Axalta
Dark Grey Europe - Axalta
Dark Grey Europe - Axalta

Simplifying Complexity in Media Planning & Buying

Making ads is one thing, building a campaign and launching it across EMEA is another. How about placing those ads in the right place at the right time for the right price, in the right language to the right audience? Welcome to Dark Grey Europe , and a look behind the scenes at our ongoing partnership with Axalta Refinish Europe, a client who came to us with a list of media requirements that we are happy to meet and exceed for the third year.

Axalta makes the Impossible, Possible

New high-impact campaign for low-energy car paint refinish system

Today’s bodyshops are under increasing pressure to deliver high-quality refinishing work at faster rates. As a leader in refinishing products, systems and technologies, Axalta is always looking for ways to increase bodyshop throughput, reduce energy consumption and job time for its customers. And Dark Grey Europe is always on hand to help increase awareness of Axalta innovations in the market.

Dark Grey Europe - Axalta
Dark Grey Europe - Axalta
Dark Grey Europe - Axalta

Multi-brand European communications campaign

Axalta asked Dark Grey Europe to help introduce its latest state-of-the art digital colour matching solutions across their 3 premium paint brands and convince end-users of the benefits of moving to digital colour solutions.

The European car refinish market is complex with repair shops of very different sizes and specialities. It also has very deeply ingrained craft practices with years of experience traditionally required in the matching and application of paint to achieve a seamless vehicle repair. In this environment Axalta wanted to demonstrate its innovative service offers and change attitudes towards digital technology for end-users.

Dark Grey Europe developed a series of eye-catching concepts focusing on the key business benefits of using Axalta’s latest generation of digital colour matching tools, highlighting the features that now make it much more accessible for users and make their jobs easier while offering better results.


Huntsman VITROX® ABR – New Product for the Abrasives Market

Huntsman, the global chemical manufacturer, enlisted the help of DGE with launching and positioning its VITROX® ABR products into the abrasives market, a completely new sector for Huntsman. This exciting programme combines emotional and technological text and imagery to attract attention and at the same time conveys the business benefits of this new technology for the abrasives sector.

Dark Grey Europe - Huntsman Vitrox
Dark Grey Europe - Huntsman Vitrox
Dark Grey Europe - Huntsman Vitrox

UTECH exhibition

Huntsman wows UTECH exhibition visitors with Total Innovation Network

UTECH is the leading international exhibition and conference for the global polyurethanes industry. With over 10,000 visitors from 90 countries walking the halls, with 200+ exhibitors vying for attention. One stand stood out and featured highly on the conference promotion for the upcoming conference, with eye-catching displays and product demonstrations, showcasing the capabilities of seven of its system houses from its four distinct business divisions.

Dark Grey Europe - Huntsman Utech
Dark Grey Europe - Huntsman Utech
Dark Grey Europe - Huntsman Utech


Internal poster and narrowcasting awareness campaign

Employee engagement is a key factor for NXP’s business success and ensuring that employees are aware of and participate in the annual survey is a high priority. Dark Grey Worked worked with NXP’s communications team to develop an internal awareness campaign.

The campaign built successful NXP teams from around the world, that had been highlighted in the previous year’s survey. The idea was not only to inspire, but also to challenge employees and managers to further increase participation in the survey and also improve scores

Dark Grey Europe - NXP
Dark Grey Europe - NXP
Dark Grey Europe - NXP


Packaging Sales for Milliken Liquitint Agro

Precision design and exacting artwork were required for Milliken’s Liquitint Agro sales presentation sample box. Design concept, artwork and third-party production management.

Dark Grey Europe - Milliken Liquitint

Milliken ColorDirection 2021, thought leadership marketing in colour

Milliken asked Dark Grey Europe to develop their annual thought leadership study on colour trends: ColorDirection 2021. A collection of colours based on wider emerging cultural and colour themes. Defining a central theme and selecting colours with the greatest resonance for the modern consumer.

Colours are unmistakably associated with people’s emotions and tastes and marketers are very aware of this. As a leader in colour additives for a variety of markets Milliken produces their annual ColorDirection report which aims to identify the most impactful colours of tomorrow to help guide their customers, foster trust and demonstrate leadership in this field.

Total PetrochemicalsTotalEnergies

Global Campaign for a Household Name

Dark Grey Europe designed a memorable global ad campaign to improve and help sustain the corporate image of Total Petrochemicals, while expressing their brand presence, innovative character and dedicated connection to customers.
Our eye-catching range of creative B2C-style ads and high-end photography showed end products in everyday situations across the world. The extended 36-month coverage helped to show Total Petrochemicals’ detailed understanding of their customers’ needs.

Memorable imagery was used at international plastics exhibitions, online and internally for full message saturation.

Dark Grey Europe - Total
Dark Grey Europe - Total


CAT Magazine

Customisable Dealer Magazine Reaches an International Audience

Dark Grey Europe develops and manages a compelling marketing support tool for EMEA Cat dealers, customers and prospects in 57 countries and in 22 languages. We deploy up to 70,000 printed copies three times per year and have online and app editions suitable for Android and iOS devices.

Cat Magazine is designed to engage, inform and help drive sales. The editorial team is led by Dark Grey Europe to ensure that content topics are aligned with Caterpillar’s business goals and, as important, regional diversity. As such Dark Grey Europe ensures that the dealer sales channel is covered; organising interviews and original photography from on-site visits for lead articles from across the Cat dealer network.

Dark Grey Europe - CAT magazine
Dark Grey Europe - CAT magazine
Dark Grey Europe - CAT magazine

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