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Running on two legs

When it comes to marketing communications, digital is simply another channel, a supplemental, complementary force, perhaps an evolution but certainly not a replacement. Companies who grasp this are able to deftly steer prospects through a sales funnel that persuades on two levels, with messages

Running on two legs2021-11-18T12:08:30+00:00

All Eyes on the Prize

How much better to have a single point of contact for everything – not only creation and production but also media planning, media buying and analytics. It would be a service that cuts through the immense complexity of multi-brand, multi-national advertising. Running

All Eyes on the Prize2021-09-09T08:22:29+00:00

It’s not us, it’s you

”For every client that insists on butterflying their way to the next most attractive flower in the marketing meadow, there is the one that chooses serial monogamy.” Why Clients leave (and don’t). Because finding the right agency is a form of professional courtship

It’s not us, it’s you2021-08-16T10:00:23+00:00

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Dark Grey Europe is a specialist channel-marketing & communications agency, serving international, business-to-business companies.

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