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Dark Grey Europe
Dark Grey Europe

About Us

International Advertising, MArketing Communications Agency

Welcome to Dark Grey Europe

We are a specialist advertising marketing & communications agency, serving international companies across Europe and North America.

We offer a rare mix of skills and resources, combining strategic heavy lifting and creative muscle to deliver advertising, sales and marketing campaigns, tools and materials: Offline and online, on time and on budget.

Understanding marketing and Sales Audiences

With clients across 37 countries and 22 languages we don’t underestimate the complexities of sales channels – we simply understand how they work.

Understanding stakeholder complexity around the globe from business unit to regional marketing to local sales, from Europe to America. We make it a lot easier to get to the point more effectively, with advertising, marketing and communications that hits the target every time.

Why Work With Us

Marketing and Advertising

Our People

Nothing beats talent and passion in a teamwork environment. Dark Grey is a well-formed group from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, each with their own professional strengths and perspectives.

Our History

For more than 50 years, we’ve been rooted in the Netherlands, at the heart of Western Europe. Our rich history is built on collaborations with renowned global companies, providing strategy, international advertising, marketing communications strategy and sales support materials. We’ve delivered these services across multiple languages and formats, from traditional print to the latest digital platforms.

Our Clients

We have always worked with top global brands including, Philips, Honeywell, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Sony, Ricoh, Dow Corning, Dupont, Total, BCG. And we continue to work some of the most respected global companies such as Caterpillar, Axalta, Forbo, Essity, Trinseo.

How we work

First our Dark Grey Client Services team do the strategic heavy lifting, development and strategy, scoping and planning the work, then the Creative Services team provide the creative muscle that works the deliverables. Together, we run focused projects for and with clients who expect and get great results.

Reliable Realisation

We bring great ideas carefully through concept and design to the final product. When you know the way as well as we do, there’s no need for shortcuts – just a confident path from start to finish.

Triggering Audiences

Concepts are complex puzzles waiting to be simplified and solved. They have to fit the client strategy, brand identity and tone.

Our job is to find the right pieces in imagery and words, developing the perfect concept that triggers the target audiences.

From there, it’s on to design, applying the concept to a campaign or a product roll-out and this is why we love our jobs.

Attention to Detail

Coordinating production and planning can be like conducting a symphony, where timing and output has to be predictable and precise.

That’s why we have people on our team whose attention to detail covers the big picture, ensuring nothing gets lost and everything has a place.


The final assets we create are tailored to fit perfectly in the right marketing channel. We produce and deliver all types of printed, digital, web, social and video material. Brochures, campaigns, newsletters, adverts, websites, banners, posters, exhibition booths, movies… everything that your business needs to get results.

Brand Navigator

Brand Navigator is our own methodology for gaining insight into a client’s business and identify a clear brand proposition.

The comprehensive Brand Navigator process begins with a thorough brand audit, followed by presenting key findings and gaining consensus on brand positioning. We build stakeholder buy-in, develop a creative platform, and formulate a strategic campaign plan. The campaign is then implemented with continuous evaluation and adaptation to ensure optimal performance and alignment with business goals. This structured approach ensures a compelling and sustainable brand presence in the market.

What Makes Us Unique

Creative Agility – our framework for fostering valuable partnerships and delivering successful advertising, marketing and communications projects:

Being Flexible
Adapting to the unique cultures and needs of different clients and partners

Communicating clearly
Being transparent and speaking truth to power about challenges, deliverables, timelines and costs

Thinking on the move
Responding to changing needs and circumstances as projects evolve

Delivering value
Factoring long term strategic value into every project

Solving problems
Tackling even the toughest issues with determination, skill and a positive attitude

Right team. Right fit.
At Dark Grey we feel that the best fit comes by understanding the style, requirements, exact services, and pace of any prospective client.

And that through the initial ‘getting to know you’ period and first projects we begin to understand your requirements and assemble the right account manager and Dark Grey team members for the mutually best fit.

Some Of Our Work

International Advertising, Marketing Communications Agency
Dark Grey Europe

“You don’t need to train this agency from the ground up.
They already have a head start of 20 years or more in channel marcoms.
They think with you, not after you.”


“Having someone who understands your sales channels, your distribution structure,
your working methods and approvals processes is great.”


“Sometimes you don’t need to ask, often they have the answer
because they already know what we need as well as we do.”

“We have worked with Dark Grey Europe for more than 15 years.
Their knowledge of our industry, our audiences and our needs
has made the Dark Gey Europe team a key member of our team.”


“It’s a relief to work with an agency that knows what they’re doing,
what we do, how our targets think and what we need to reach them.”


What We Like To Share

Some of our Thoughts

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