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Empowering dealers by optimising content

Cat Magazine is an unrivalled channel marketing vessel for EAME Cat dealers, packed with locally-customised content designed to engage, inform and drive sales. It’s immensely successful and distributed to 57 countries in 22 languages three times a year.

But we wondered: could we do even more with all that valuable content? And surprise surprise, the answer was Yes.

By developing custom digital tools we not only made the production process smoother but enabled more Cat dealers than ever to exploit the existing content. In addition, we gave them the ability to create professional-looking social media comms quickly and easily.

Cat Magazine - Digital Tools

DGE Online Portal: Cat Magazine Community

This portal contains everything Caterpillar and its dealers need to share invaluable content. That not only simplifies the process of magazine creation but also enables any dealer to generate their own, customized and localised version of Cat Magazine. For example, if a dealer wants to focus on or promote a local story or topic, we can create and customise their own magazine cover, design the article and even set up a photo or video shoot. Using the portal, dealers preview, translate and customise these local versions as well as setting or managing their own print runs and other logistics.

The portal is open to all dealers – whether or not they already participate in the main Cat Magazine. That means more of them can take advantage of the available content and marcom assets on the site. It’s an opportunity to create their own community before entering the existing Cat Magazine portal.

DGE Creative Adapter

Cat dealers participating in Cat Magazine can also make free use of DGE’s Creative Adapter – a cloud-based marketing resource management system which provides them with templates for social media. It enables dealers to quickly and easily create engaging – and professional-looking – content for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. That ensures a consistent, clear and correctly formatted online presence for them to promote their dealership and reach their target group in the most effective way.

Create engaging content for social media channels to promote your company quickly and easily. Sign up now! https://ebrandpoint.com/creative-adapter/

We make content work harder

These two digital tools help Caterpillar tailor its content by region while also promoting the strength of the Cat dealer network.

  • Cat Magazine - Digital Tools
  • Cat Magazine - Digital Tools
  • Cat Magazine - Digital Tools
  • Cat Magazine - Digital Tools

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