Dark Grey Europe

Multi-brand European communications campaign

Axalta asked Dark Grey Europe to help introduce its latest state-of-the art digital colour matching solutions across their 3 premium paint brands and convince end-users of the benefits of moving to digital colour solutions.

The European car refinish market is complex with repair shops of very different sizes and specialities. It also has very deeply ingrained craft practices with years of experience traditionally required in the matching and application of paint to achieve a seamless vehicle repair. In this environment Axalta wanted to demonstrate its innovative service offers and change attitudes towards digital technology for end-users.

Dark Grey Europe developed a series of eye-catching concepts focusing on the key business benefits of using Axalta’s latest generation of digital colour matching tools, highlighting the features that now make it much more accessible for users and make their jobs easier while offering better results.

Three brands were supported which meant different concepts and messaging for each to be implemented across all the material and languages.

Additional challenges included having no access to final working models of the devices which were in high demand for sales demonstrations and pilots. To get round this Dark Grey Europe created 3D renderings of the devices for use in video material – and some clever Photoshop magic to turn a prototype dummy into a working model for the final material.

The end result was a complete integrated introduction covering argumentation for sales staff, high-visibility advertising underlining Axalta’s technology leadership and a set of digital and printed promotional material across 13 languages in the EMEA region.

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