Global stationery and event collateral MRM system

Dark Grey Europe helped BCG set up a fully online system for managing their stationery and creating recruiting campaign materials for all of their offices worldwide.

With offices in more than 90 cities in over 50 countries, BCG has a truly global perspective. And working with associates across offices and disciplines it is important to have a consistent global identity even for smaller offices.

Dark Grey Europe set up the BCG Brand Management Tool (BMT) where BCG users were able to create their own stationery items including fully personalised business cards and letterhead, all consistent with BCG brand guides.

Dark Grey Europe employed their eBrandpoint technology to build InDesign based templates to ensure all material was correct to the last detail and that users only needed to ensure their content was correct.

Additionally, Dark Grey Europe created event and promotional templates for use by recruiting teams across BCG. These ensure that print and digital posts are consistent with the brand across all of BCG but messaging is appropriate for local market needs.

As a result BCG cut a 6-figure communications budget by 30%. This compounded over the 10+ years. Also when BCG updated their corporate logo, the implementation across all material worldwide was made at a fractional cost compared to traditional methods and meant that launch was prepared in weeks rather than months.

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