Project Description

Ohhh! Marmoleum

Marmoleum lead generation campaign

To help build awareness, drive engagement and gather leads for Forbo’s Marmoleum linoleum brand, Dark Grey Europe developed the Forbo ‘Ohhh! Marmoleum’ promotion campaign.

Aimed at architects and interior designers, installers, the creative core of the campaign was a series of diverse people showing surprise that the flooring was Marmoleum. These portraits were shown on a variety of background patterns from the collection of Marmoleum designs and all together combined to illustrate the surprisingly wide range of designs and application possibilities.

The campaign was driven by a strong digital element with a simple but engaging online picture matching game which featured the key images from the campaign. Players had to match the images as fast as possible and were encouraged to register their votes.  Each week the player with the fastest time in matching the pictures the would win an exclusive vase. By registering you also received a free Marmoleum notebook and could sign up for regular Forbo mailings.

The game was promoted via email and social channels with short videos and banners. It was also directly shareable so that friends and colleagues could be challenged to play along as well.

Forbo - Ohhh! Marmoleum lead generation campaign
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All analytics for the various goals were recorded covered by channel and country.

Splash Page and Memory Game

Forbo - Ohhh! Marmoleum lead generation campaign
Forbo - Ohhh! Marmoleum lead generation campaign
Forbo - Ohhh! Marmoleum

Brand Portal; Adverts and Web Banners

Forbo - Ohhh! Marmoleum lead generation campaign
Forbo - Ohhh! Marmoleum
Forbo - Ohhh! Marmoleum

A4 and A5 adverts can be made on the Brand Portal. It’s possible to change text, background and character in an instance.

It’s also possible to make html5 banners. Changing text, background, character and url automatically gives the opportunity to download 18 different ‘Google Adwords’-save html5 banners.

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