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Reward your effort with relaxation!

Dark Grey Europe developed a promotion platform for Essity Tork to allow the set-up and management of a series of product promotions they are running throughout the year in the Benelux Sales region.

This involved developing a campaign theme, concepts for practical incentives and setting up an online platform to manage the process. All within a limited budget.

The theme Reward your effort with relaxation!, was developed with a flexible incentive of gift vouchers that can be used for almost any leisure activity.

Eight different product line promotions are scheduled, each with an eye-catching message and image related to the product market area and activities that can be enjoyed via the gift vouchers.

The online system allows participating dealers to accrue points when they place their normal orders. Customers can participate as a group or as individuals within the same organisation. Points can be redeemed at the end of the campaign for all sorts of group activities, or donated to charities including Unicef and WWF etc. The metrics of such a program allow Tork to build a clearer picture of demand throughout its distributor network, and tailor future programmes and offers.
The promotion platform itself was developed so that setting campaign goals, rewards, sign-up and language versions can be configured quickly for future promotion or customer campaigns for Tork and other clients.

Alongside this promotional material for the campaign can also be customised by sales staff for their customers via the Dark Grey Europe’s eBrandpoint MRM platform.

If you are interested in setting up and running a promotion or customer loyalty campaign get in contact.

Driving Customer Loyalty: Tork-Campagne.com
Driving Customer Loyalty: Tork-Campagne.com
Driving Customer Loyalty: Tork-Campagne.com

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