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Unique European mailing item targeting European Greenkeepers

For the launch of their revolutionary low-maintenance Infinity sprinkler system, TORO asked Dark Grey Europe to develop a direct mail campaign aimed at head greenkeepers of the top golf courses in Europe.

Managing a golf course is both labour intensive and highly specialised work. TORO, a leading worldwide provider of innovative turf and landscape maintenance equipment, and precision sprinkler solutions, helps their customers care for golf courses. Their flagship system aimed at top-courses allows lower maintenance and running costs but also more control for greenkeeping staff.

The installation of a sprinkler system across a golf course is a very costly investment and this had to be reflected in the creativity and execution. We developed a high-value sales promotion box showcasing the key features of their top-of-the-line Infinity Series, including an integrated video screen and an offer for ordering four free samples for testing on-site.

Dark Grey Europe - Axalta - Multi-brand European communications campaign

Dark Grey Europe developed this unique direct mail piece showcasing the main features of the new sprinkler system, including , a video screen in the lid showcasing testimonials of happy greenskeepers.

Dark Grey Europe - TORO Infinity Sprinkler

The box also contained greenkeeping related gifts and a catalogue of the extended product range. A reply mechanism allowed greenskeepers to order four Infinity sprinklers, allowing them to test on-site.

Dark Grey Europe - TORO Infinity Sprinkler

From design to production, the mailers were prepared in English, Spanish, French, Italian and German, with 200 boxes supplied to the client for deployment by mail and in person.

Dark Grey Europe - TORO Infinity Sprinkler

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