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If it’s flooring, it’s Forbo: Dark Grey Europe client and leading manufacturer of residential and commercial flooring systems with 16 distinct ranges including carpet, vinyl, tiles, flocked and safety constructions. One of these systems, the Allura Collection, has a new offering. That’s where Dark Grey Europe comes in.

Incredible detail, organisation and planning and collaboration with multiple stakeholders — just another day at the Dark Grey Europe office. This time, we get to run a beautiful project involving a multitude of options, colours and styles, sizes, designs and constructions, captured in a range of six sample books, with booklets and brochures all bundled with a 92-page general brochure for the Allura Collection.

Not a simple task by any means, and one made more complex by the requirement of specialist photography in over 32 location shots with 25 different studio sets. This being Dark Grey Europe, of course, we were delighted with the opportunity to flex our organisational muscle and see the project to its successful conclusion.

DGE’s Account Executive, takes up the story. “Allura is Forbo’s most diverse collection, with a huge range of designs and textures, different thicknesses, backing types, and fixing systems. Our planning task was immense, for us to show the scale and diversity of Allura involved multiple photoshoots and studio setups. Running the project meant working closely with the client, external suppliers, and our studio team, and being on hand to manage the parallel processes involved in keeping the whole thing running smoothly. Teamwork and timing were key, attention to detail and of course, that Dark Grey Europe agility that comes from years of experience in running complex projects.”

Dark Grey Europe - Forbo
  • Dark Grey Europe - Forbo Allura Collection
  • Dark Grey Europe - Forbo Allura Collection
  • Dark Grey Europe - Forbo Allura Collection
  • Dark Grey Europe - Forbo Allura Collection

From Sketch to Brochure.

Some spreads of the 92-page Forbo Allura 2020 Brochure.

Dark Grey Europe - Forbo

The outside of the Forbo Allura 2020 Multifold Sample Book.

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